Recruitment Pack


Everything you need to help you navigate safely when recruiting new employees:


  • HR Essentials Guide
  • Recruitment Checklist
  • Job Specification
  • Job Advert
  • Job Application Form
  • Interview Questions and Scoring Form
  • Recruitment Tracker
  • Job Rejection Letter
  • Reference Request Letter
  • Right to Work Evidence Letter
  • Offer Letter
  • New Starter Form
  • Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire
  • Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form


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Introducing our comprehensive Recruitment Pack – the ultimate resource to help you navigate the recruitment process safely and efficiently when hiring new employees. This pack includes all the essential documents and tools you need to streamline your recruitment efforts and ensure compliance.

Our Recruitment Pack features invaluable resources, including the HR Essentials Guide and Recruitment Checklist. These guides provide expert guidance and best practices to ensure a smooth and effective recruitment process while adhering to legal requirements.

From job specification and job advert templates to the job application form and interview questions and scoring form, our pack provides all the necessary documents to attract and assess candidates. The Recruitment Tracker enables you to keep track of applicants, interviews, and their progress.

Additionally, our pack includes essential documents such as the job rejection letter, reference request letter, right to work evidence letter, offer letter, new starter form, pre-employment medical questionnaire, and equality & diversity monitoring form. These resources help you effectively communicate with candidates, collect necessary information, and ensure compliance throughout the recruitment process.

With our Recruitment Pack, you can confidently navigate the recruitment journey, ensuring a fair and compliant process while saving valuable time and effort. Download and access all the necessary documents and tools directly to your PC or mobile device, ensuring convenience and efficiency at every step.