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Leaders need to be radiators

As a leader, you need to be able to energise and motivate those around you. When times are stressful, organisations need to continue towards business objectives. For that to happen, you need to be putting that energy into the system. Your team needs you to radiate energy, which takes a lot of work to maintain this ability.

Managing Energy Drains

Have you ever known someone negative more often than not? They often focus on their issues, see the downside in every change and do not correctly listen to others. They tend to use up the energy of those around us.

You don’t want someone sucking energy from your team, especially in difficult times. Luckily strategies can be put in place to limit the effect of these people on the team.

  • Limit the amount of time you and the team spend on draining conversations. Redirect them to another topic, keep it light.
  • Be kind but not a doormat. Let them know how much time and energy you can spend with them. Remember, counsellors typically contract a maximum of one hour a week to maintain their energy levels.
  • Focus on being a listening ear but don’t feel the need to come up with solutions.
  • Don’t go back over old ground. End the conversation by asking what they have done to improve the situation

Topping your energy up

Radiators need to replace that energy that you give out. Luckily, we have tons of research now distilled down into six easy points.


Focus on ensuring you have a range of sources of vitamins and minerals. Eat a rainbow with plenty of vegetables, especially root vegetables, fruit and salad. Many herbs and spices were considered medicinal in the past and have now been shown to have compounds that support mental and physical wellbeing.

Be Active

Being active releases endorphins that energise us. It also boosts brain power, reduces anxiety, and improves memory, helping to keep those energy levels up.


Any learning gives us a mental boost and helps improve our confidence. Research has shown playing a game on a mobile phone for 10 minutes re-energises us to improve concentration on taxing tasks.

Take notice

Meditation or mindfulness have been shown to improve mood, help concentration and generally increase energy levels. Other ways to take notice include gardening, going for a run or a walk somewhere green.

Give back

Help others and support your community energises us. This can be about supporting local businesses, giving time to a good cause or offering advice to those who need it.



Sarah Morrell, Founder of Natural Mindset, psychotherapist, stress coach, and wellbeing trainer.

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