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Darren Jones

Laura Cruise: S1 E2

In this episode about Inspirational Leaders we talk to Laura Cruise, the dream believer. Laura shares her story openly, and talks about her drive to help women in part 2 of their lives achieve their dreams.
During her fifteen year corporate career Laura trained, developed and coached hundreds of colleagues in retail, hospitality and the weight loss industry and so enjoyed witnessing people blossom.
When Laura made the move to working for herself, she knew she wanted to continue helping people to be at their very best, which is what Laura Cruise Coaching is all about.
Laura can help you build your confidence and self belief, identify future goals and dreams and help you work out how to achieve them. She can help you believe that you can have all the things you dream of in your life, that you can be happy and fulfilled, and that you can put the focus on to you.
Contact Laura via | mobile: 07734 432436 | web: www.lauracruise.com | insta: lauracruisecoaching 
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