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Darren Jones

An interview with Darren Jones

Prepare for a thought-provoking conversation, where host Rob Spence engages in a captivating discussion with Darren Jones, the innovative founder of Instinct HR

Get ready to uncover the inspiring journey behind the creation of Instinct HR, explore the philosophy that sales doesn’t have to be a dirty word, and discover the power of saying no in business.

Watch the full interview here.

Key Highlights

  • The Birth of Instinct HR: Delve into the fascinating story of how Darren Jones founded Instinct HR, gaining insights into the passion and vision that drove the creation of this successful venture.
  • Sales Redefined: Challenge conventional wisdom as we explore the notion that sales can be ethical, authentic, and empowering, transforming your perspective on business transactions.
  • The Art of Saying No: Learn the invaluable skill of saying no in business, understanding when and how this simple word can pave the way for greater opportunities and focused growth.

About Our Guest

Darren Jones: As the visionary founder of Instinct HR, Darren Jones brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. His innovative approach to business and sales has not only shaped Instinct HR but has also inspired entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

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